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علم الخيول والحمير
רותמים מדע למען רווחת סוסים וחמורים

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Support The Horses & Donkeys of Israel

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In these difficult and painful days, the Equida organization shares in the grief and pain of the people of Israel.

We embrace and support all war victims and their animals.

Equida has relocated more than 140 horses, donkeys and mules impacted by the war, with the help of volunteers to hosting farms in safer areas.

Now we need your help and support in funding the cost of feeding and caring for these poor displaced animals.

All donations are directly used to pay for food, medicine, and veterinary care.


Your support and donations mean the world to hundreds of innocent horses, donkeys and mules impacted by the war and their loving owners and families facing these terrible times.

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מיקלינה: איך להתקרב לחיות שאני אוהב

קורס בסיסי מקוון עם מיקלה בן-טובים (מיקלינה) להכרות עם מדעי ההתנהגות של בעלי חיים, כולל התייחסות לסוסים. הקורס מהווה מבוא למדע מאחורי ההתנהגות והרגשות של בעלי חיים, ככלים לחיזוק מערכת היחסים שלנו עם בעלי החיים ושיפור הרווחה שלהם.

About Equida

Equida is a national organization promoting equine science, education and equine welfare in Israel, founded and directed by Shirley Ferber, an equine nutritionist.

Our purpose is to become a hub for credible science-based information about everything equine, including breeding, managing, feeding,  riding and training horses and donkeys.

We make evidence-based knowledge about equine health and welfare more accessible in Hebrew, and we are also currently working on the Arabic version of our website.


Equine Health and Welfare

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Hoof Care and Farriery


Riding & Training

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Health and Veterinary Care



צור קשר אקווידע

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Our Partners

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World Horse Welfare

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